What is EP-Plus?

A modern engineering programs software suite built on industry standards and best practices with an intuitive user-interface that makes every action easy to perform. Consulting hours from the leader in engineering programs services are included with each installation to create the best total solution in the industry.

The following engineering programs are available as part of EP-Plus:


ASME OM Code Pump & Valve Inservice Testing


ASME OM Code Dynamic Restraint Examination & Testing


Mandatory Appendix I Relief Device Management


Mandatory Appendix II Check Valve Condition Monitoring


Mandatory Appendix III Motor-Operated Valve Testing


Mandatory Appendix IV Air-Operated Valve Testing


10 CFR 50 Appendix J Containment Leak Rate Testing


ASME Section XI Inservice


New Reactor Pre-Service


New Reactor Pre-Service Testing


Heat Exchanger Testing

Why choose EP-Plus?

Expertise included

Software is only as good as the process it controls. Each new sale of the EP-Plus software includes a number of consulting hours with a True North Engineering Programs consultant that can be used for a wide variety of engineering program services.

Identify small changes before they turn into big problems

The trending and forecasting features in each EP-Plus module will allow you to closely monitor results as they are entered and quickly identify small deviations. Based on historic data you can project when a component may fail and proactively take corrective action.

Do more with less time

Using software saves time, but using intuitive software saves even more time. Quickly enter multiple test values at once. Flip between multiple trend graphs with a single click. Every action you will perform in EP-Plus was designed to be an extension of your natural thought process.

Driven by industry standards

EP-Plus implements engineering programs using industry standards such as 10 CFR 50 Appendix J, ASME Section XI, regulatory guidelines , as well as best practices that have been garnered and refined through True North’s extensive consulting experience.

Fully Integrated

EP-Plus can be integrated with your existing Work Management, Corrective Action, and Equipment Reliability software to give you a full picture of your engineering processes. For ENGAGE customers, EP-PlusTM data can be used throughout the software platform, creating a new level of integration for engineering program management.

Built for today and tomorrow

EP-Plus can be accessed from anywhere on the corporate network using any modern web browser. EP-Plus also adapts to your screen size allowing full functionality on smart phones and tablets. The application layer of EP-Plus is built on the proven Microsoft technology stack with the option of storing data in either Microsoft SQL Server or the Oracle RDBMS.


True North Consulting and Endevor have created a partnership in order to create the best total solution for engineering programs management in the industry.


True North Consulting is a leading provider of engineering program services for the power industry both domestically and abroad. 2 out of 3 nuclear utilities in the United States have used True North's Engineering services and 41 nuclear units are using previous versions of the EP-Plus software. Visit our website to learn more about our consulting services.


Endevor is a software development company focused on creating powerful, intuitive, and extensible web-based applications for enterprises. The realization of Endevor’s software vision is the ENGAGE platform. ENGAGE adds modern functionality to your existing software infrastructure, while also allowing us to quickly and cost-effectively build and deploy new, full-featured process-specific applications into that infrastructure. Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of ENGAGE.

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